Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life and It's Dynamics

I want to start by saying I was correct.  I knew it.  Funny, isn't it, that when you know, you know?

Life certainly is very interesting.  Human behavior is also very interesting, as well as extremely intriguing.  Put the two together and you have a myriad of 'stuff'.  Stuff that makes sense and doesn't make sense.  You dive into life with eyes wide open (or so you think), especially at this age, after thinking you have gained a little wisdom and insight along the way, only to find out that you are once again just a mere butterfly, still flitting around, trying to find out which direction you are going and where you might land. 

You see the 'flower' ahead, the place that looks all comfy and safe and protected from the storms and the strong winds, so you decide to land there.  All signs point to this cozy spot; you see no threats nearby, and you stay for a bit.  The nectar tastes so sweet on this flower, that you stay for a little bit longer.  You decide it's safe to consider this your 'safe place'.  Then all of a sudden, the wind picks up and starts blowing everything around.  You are hanging on, hoping that the winds will calm down soon, only to see the mean, black, damaging storm approaching.  You squeeze your eyes shut, hoping to ride out the monster that is presenting itself.  It doesn't are being blown around in such a fierce way that you lose all track of location and can't seem to right yourself! 

Even though you knew the possibility existed of the storm arriving, you had hoped it would divert it's trajectory elsewhere.  You are now left to pick up your broken wings and learn to fly again, slowly, gaining more insight and wisdom along the new way, along the new journey that was presented to you without you having any say in the matter.

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